A Family Man

No one knows Mike better than I do

-Debora Nearman


A Message From Debora Nearman

My name is Debora Nearman and I am married to Mike Nearman who is our State Representative in the beautiful Western Willamette Valley.

I try to avoid the typical “campaign messaging” and I was hoping to tell you a bit about Mike from my point of view: who he is as a husband, a father and a man.

Our kids love their dad. He’s fun, caring, and a terrific role model. He's a man of integrity who has tried to instill in his children a belief that what they say and do in the world matters: you only get one chance to live life honorably. 

One reason we respect Mike so much is because of his work ethic. Mike is a doer. When a problem arises, he doesn’t complain, he engages. He does what’s necessary to find a solution. Which is why Mike decided to run for State Representative in 2014. He saw that our government was being led by a bunch of say anything politicians. So instead of just complaining about it he decided to engage in the political process, run for office, and do something about our broken political system. 

And that's exactly what he has done. Mike defeated an incumbent Republican in the primary that everyone said was unbeatable. Then he beat a Democrat with huge contributions from the same special interest groups that were responsible for the largest tax hikes in Oregon history. Then he went to the state legislature in Oregon and led the fight against government's attempt to curtail the rights of law abiding gun owners. And every step of the way he has attempted to stymie their efforts to massively increase our taxes. 

Mike certainly has guts. And now that he is in office doing the people's work we need to make sure we keep him there. You can learn more about Mike's extraordinary life below. I hope you'll consider donating to his campaign or volunteering in this effort.

Thank you all so much.




  • Represents Oregon's 23rd District in the State Legislature
  • Born in Oregon and graduated from Jesuit High School in Portland.
  • BA in Philosophy from Marquette University
  • BS in Computer Science from Western Oregon University
  • Software Engineer for an Oregon manufacturing company.
  • Proud father of two daughters and trainer of two dogs. 
  • Once held a job as a grave digger to prove the maxim, "The world needs ditch diggers too."
  • Raises sheep and chickens on his 1 acre piece of property.
  • Favorite Pastime: Bird hunting along the Willamette River in his kayak.
  • Favorite Band: Academy of St. Martin In The Fields
  • Former Chairman of the Polk County Republicans