Rep. Mike Nearman: Focused on Government Accountability

Government waste in Oregon is rampant.  Here's how State Representative Mike Nearman is fighting for you.

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Experience & Passion for Government Accountability

Oregon spent $300 million implementing Obamacare in Oregon under the banner of Cover Oregon.  This website was supposed to improve health care access but it never worked and helped no one.  Rep. Nearman first ran for office 2 years ago because Jim Thompson voted for Cover Oregon and was a key part of its (failed) implementation.

Mike Nearman brings his experience as an IT professional to the Oregon Legislature and is working to provide much needed accountability to wasteful government projects.


Shining a Spotlight on Government Waste

Mike Nearman wants to know why are we spending so much money on projects that don't help Oregonians.  As your State Representative, Mike uses the influence of elected office to ask the hard questions of the powers that be. 

Click the button below to watch a short clip of Mike doing just this in a committee hearing about Oregon's not-so-affordable affordable housing:

Nearman 2016 249 w.jpg

Rep. Mike Nearman: A Man of His Word

Mike first ran for office to reform the way government works in Oregon.  He has been working towards improving government accountability ever since and is committed to making Oregon a better place to live.

Mike is not interested in cozying up to special interests in the State Legislature.  Mike Nearman is supported by grassroots groups and voters in House District 23 like you!  Will you join Mike in this critical election?