We won!


We won!  Thanks to the hard work, support and votes of thousands of voters we won handily on Tuesday night!

This is the fourth contested election that I have run since the Spring of 2014 and I could not have done it without the support of all the people who put up a lawn sign, made a donation, held a coffee, called me to tell me they were voting for me and, not least, prayed for me.

I am very grateful for how each of you impacted my campaign. We, the citizens of House District 23, deserve representation that is ethical, honest, and fights constantly for your values in Salem.

Thank you for the opportunity. Thanks, also, to my wife, Debby. She runs just as hard by my side.

I look forward to continuing to serve you.


Election day is here...have you voted?


You know as well as I do that this has been a long, hard fought campaign.  Many of you have gotten more than your fair share of mail, phone calls and emails so I will keep this short!

I have been honored to serve as your State Representative for the last couple of years.  It has been my aim to make government more accountable to you.  That has been my priority and it will continue to be.  I humbly ask now for your vote so I can keep up the fight in the State Legislature.

If you need to find a local ballot drop box, please click here.  Please don't forget to vote by 8 PM tonight!

Thank you for the honor of serving you.


What voters say about Jim Thompson's lies

Over the past several days, numerous mail pieces have been sent to voters accusing me of opposing public safety and not caring for the disabled and chronically ill. These are desperate and absurd claims by my opponent. The truth is, I have opposed tax increases on working families. Government loves to use children and public safety to get more money out of voters. I stand up to these efforts, not because I want to diminish the essential functions of our government like public safety, but because I believe government needs to demonstrate accountability, transparency and efficient spending before coming to the voters to ask for more.

I have avoided sharing some personal struggles Debby and I have, but she has given me permission to do so. Debby has a chronic illness that we deal with on a daily basis. For anyone to accuse me of wanting services and care taken from vulnerable and ill citizens is truly over the line. What I do is stand up and demand a system where the money actually pays for the services needed and does not feed a bureaucracy that helps no one.

The good news is that the voters are rejecting these false attacks!  I have heard from countless people who are turned off by the incredibly negative and false campaigning from Jim Thompson.  Just take a look at a few comments I've received on Facebook:

The voters know the truth: how I have fought for a less wasteful government in Oregon so that we have the services we need for our schools, transportation, veterans and seniors. I have fought against efforts to harm our farms and small businesses and fought to protect the jobs we need in our community. I have demanded accountability so that our dollars go where they are most needed.

There are just a few days until all the campaigning is all over.  When it is, I hope I will have the honor of once again serving as your State Representative.  I humbly ask for your vote.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email: mike@nearman4oregon.org or call me at home 503/838-6001.


P.S. Don't forget to get your ballot in by November 8th!  Click here to find a local ballot drop box location.

Preview my new TV ad!

Be one of the first to see my new TV ad!  This spot starts running throughout House District 23 tomorrow.

As you can see, this ad draws a clear contrast between myself and my opponent on the facts.

Unfortunately, my opponent and his supporters are unleashing unfounded attacks against me already, so it's more important than ever that my message of government accountability gets out to the voters!

Please consider making a contribution of $50, $100, or more to my campaign today to help me keep this TV ad on the air!

Thank you for your support!

More revelations of government waste

More revelations of government waste

You may know by now that I've spent a lot of time on the campaign trail talking about the need for government accountability.  Thankfully, I'm not the only one talking about it these days.  Hardly any time goes by without more reports of government waste coming out in the news.  Here are just a few recent examples:

Sunday's Debate

On Sunday, I stood before voters for a debate with my opponent about the issues that are important in this election.  The contrast between myself and my opponent couldn't have been clearer.

I made the case for limited, accountable government and shaking up an entrenched political establishment. My opponent, Jim Thompson, called for more of the same:

Campaign update from Mike

We now have just 40 days until election day.  Ballots mail in less than 3 weeks and my campaign is working hard to reach out to voters with our message of improving government accountability.  Here's a quick update from the campaign trail!

After a lot of hard work, campaign signs are now up across the district!  We're also knocking on doors, making phone calls and putting together flyers to mail directly to voters.  I also spent some time last week at the Capitol for legislative days.

This Sunday, I will go before voters in Polk County to debate my opponent.  This will be a great opportunity to show voters the huge contrast between us and the importance of this election!  If you'd like to join us, we're meeting at 6 PM at the Polk County Fairgrounds.  Click here for details.

In the meantime, my opponent Jim Thompson continues to bring in donations from out-of-district liberal groups and politicians.  One of the latest is $500 from Basic Rights Oregon, for Thompson's recent flip-flop on gay marriage.

I can't stress the importance of this election enough. It's vitally important that we send representatives to Salem who are reliable, consistent and trustworthy.

You know me and you know what I stand for.  I hope I can rely on your support in this election. 

Please help me finish strong in these next 40 days with yoof $25, $50 or $100 today!

Thank you!

Cover Oregon settlement a small consolation prize for taxpayers

Last week, Oracle Corporation and the State of Oregon reached a legal settlement in the ongoing fight over who was at fault for the Cover Oregon debacle.  After Oregon spent $300 million, most of which went to Oracle, to build a failed website to sell health insurance, the lawsuits started flying.  The settlement from Oracle is worth some $100 million, most of it in the form of product licensing (which is ironic, if you think about it).  The litigation may now be over, but it's a small consolation prize for the taxpayers left holding the bill.

I think Oregon House Republican Leader Mike McLane said it best: "While Oracle clearly made mistakes, there is no escaping the fact that the state, too, shares blame for the failure of Cover Oregon. From the very beginning, the project was mismanaged and wracked by the failures of our bureaucracy."

While we can finally move on from the terrible effects of implementing Obamacare in Oregon, my opponent unfortunately is still stuck in failures of the past. Jim Thompson has made health care access a central issue of his campaign, but his record shows he can't be trusted.  Here are the facts:

  • Under his leadership, Oregon implemented Cover Oregon, which was supposed to lead the nation in providing access to health insurance. Instead, Oregon became an embarrassment to the nation byenrolling no one through its website.
  • Jim was a central part of the legislative 'oversight' of Cover Oregon, but the committee he served on did nothing to make sure Oracle and the State kept on task to finish the promised website.
  • Jim's campaign is funded by pro-universal health care politicians.
  • Just this week Jim announced he is hosting a fundraiser featuring non-other than Congressman Kurt Schrader, who voted to implement Obamacare in the first place.

The Cover Oregon debacle was a large part of my motivation to challenge Jim Thompson two years ago. I was honored to be elected and have worked very hard to exercise the very oversight that Thompson failed at. After $300 million wasted and no one helped, I think the voters of House District 23 have no reason to expect anything different today of Jim Thompson.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. If you'd like to help me in my campaign, I could really use your financial support. Please click here to make a contribution today!