He's getting desperate

There are only 11 days to go before election day and my opponent is getting desperate.  Despite his claims to put 'people ahead of politics', he and his supporters are sending nasty, unfounded mailings attacking me personally for purely political reasons.  Already, several hit-piece mailers and tens of thousands of dollars in TV ads have been spent lying about me and my record.

This just goes to show how low Jim Thompson will go to win this election.  And perhaps even more troubling, it shows just how completely Jim Thompson is bought and paid for by liberal Portland politicians who have invested thousands of dollars to elect another politician like them.

The truth is, Jim Thompson is having a hard time defending his record. Here are just a few examples:

• Jim Thompson supported a huge local property tax increase—I opposed it.
• Jim Thompson was a legislative leader in adopting Obamacare-like legislation for Oregon—Thompson was one of only a few that voted for all four Cover Oregon Bills.
• Jim Thompson participated in “secret” meetings disregarding Oregon’s open meeting laws while working on Cover Oregon.
• Jim Thompson lost his seat when he was a Republican, then he changed his party registration to run again. Now he’s supported by liberal Portland legislators, special interests and unions who support the largest tax increase in Oregon history.

Liberal Portland politicians are counting on electing Jim Thompson to secure a super majority in the House, which will allow them to pass any number of tax increases.  We must stop them!

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