Sunday's Debate

On Sunday, I stood before voters for a debate with my opponent about the issues that are important in this election.  The contrast between myself and my opponent couldn't have been clearer.

I made the case for limited, accountable government and shaking up an entrenched political establishment. My opponent, Jim Thompson, called for more of the same:

  • He did not rule out new taxes on working families.  I did.
  • Thompson said that the budget crisis caused by our expensive Public Employee Retirement System will resolve itself.
  • He was deceptive about his involvement in the creation of the failed $300 million Cover Oregon project.
  • And Thompson showed a complete disregard for the burden state regulations have on small business, which are Oregon's single biggest job creators.

As I said in my closing statement on Sunday, Oregonians don't need more people in the legislature who will nod their heads in assent to the status quo.  We really need people who can stand up there boldly, in the face of all the currents going in the other direction, and say "No!"

Watch more of my closing statement below: