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If you're on my email list, you might have noticed that in the last several emails from me I've highlighted how our state government is not nearly accountable enough to the taxpayers.  This issue is extremely important to me and is the primary reason I want to continue serving in the Legislature.

But government accountability is also something that so many people throughout the district I serve care about.  I hear about it wherever I go.  Just this Monday night I met with voters over coffee in Adair Village and we had a great discussion about government waste and the need for better leadership in the Legislature:

It's no wonder this is a hot topic: It seems that not a week goes by without more news about the need for greater government accountability.

Earlier this month a report came out showing that the cost for the state to continue existing services will increase 14.3% in the next two years.  The annual inflation rate is currently under 2%, meaning state government is expecting its expenses to increase more than 3 times faster than all other costs in our economy!  This is troubling to say the least.

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