Foster care crisis: the human cost of government incompetence

What's worse than taxpayer dollars being wasted by a lack of government accountability? Mismanaging state programs such that Oregonians are hurt.

I'm talking about Oregon's foster care crisis. Right now, kids are staying in hotel rooms rather than in foster homes. That's how serious the situation is.

Last week, yet another report came out telling us what we already know: kids are getting mistreated and even abused in the system. The problems are many and have been identified for years:

  • "Foster children in Oregon are being abused at an increasing rate —nearly double the national median rate"
  • There is a significant shortage of foster homes
  • There are "at least six lawsuits against the Department of Human Services over cases in which multiple reports of abuse were closed at screening"
  • Children are being placed in homes based on space rather than their needs
  • "Case workers ask providers to take in more children than they are certified or licensed to handle"

It's bad enough that our state government wastes tax dollars on programs that don't work as they should. It's even worse when our government isn't there for the people it's supposed to serve. This is unacceptable and it makes me angry.

As your State Representative, I will continue to fight for increased government accountability in all state agencies: from IT projects to the foster care system to government assistance for needy families and beyond.

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